A family business that manufactures, distributes... and then wears its own products.

Largest Collection of Virgin European Hair in The US

HairArt has been in business for over 49 years and is famous for its unmatched inventory of Virgin Caucasian and Ethnic hair. When we say our hair is truly virgin, we mean it!

Unlike other hair systems, the hair used in our wigs and hairpieces is cut directly from ponytails of all textures and colors to offer a natural, full variety.

HairArt is the only company that can offer natural wave, virgin color and gray human hair.

Top Styles… Innovative Designs

HairArt has superior products at every price point to fit your needs. Our products are built to high quality standards, feature innovative designs and offer styles that will amaze. Our products are never neglected and after years of use owners will be thankful for the attention the products receive through refinements, upgrades and quality assurance inspections that keep their purchases with an impressive appearance and a functional performing state. Our products are used by customers and salons across the country and we consider them to be the best in the industry, they include:

100% Owned Factory

When you own the factory, you don’t rely on third parties to do your quality control. And when you manage your own studios, everything has to be right the first time.

HairArt is the only company that understands the complete production cycle, from design to manufacturing to applying the product to the end consumer.

HairArt can offer rush delivery in as little as three weeks, competitive pricing and personal service that other companies can’t match.

Salon Owners: Education, Styling Aids & Support Tools

For salon owners, everything you need to run your business is just one phone call away. Styling aids, mannequin heads, new generation hair dryers, HairArt has them all.

HairArt takes pride in partnering with top educators and exceptional salons in the US and around the world. The company offers a full education program together with attractive marketing materials to support your business.

Buying and Selling Convenience

Our two ecommerce sites make buying and reselling easy.

If you are looking for salon products other than wigs, hairpieces and extensions, visit us at hairartproducts.com where you will find our HairArt line of products as well as quality competitive products for sale.

If you are looking for wigs, hairpieces or extensions, visit us at hehwigs.com, registering with your reseller license will open your account and enable you to make purchases.

Surgical Hair Replacement Option

There are surgical options available for those who are seeking a permanent hair loss solution. The National Hair Center in Phoenix has three surgeons on staff and regularly performs hair replacement procedures that have given individuals their confidence back and allowed them to be hairpiece and wig free.

For further information or to request a consultation please visit NationalHair.com
Our Salon Talent

Monique Derry | Stylist | Sherman Oaks

Monique's detail oriented mentality has helped many clients feel enlivened and confident with the service she provides. Monique is one of Sherman Oaks Salon's long standing hair replacement technicians with 20+ years experience in the industry and 10+ years of employment with HairArt Inc. Monique stays current with education and trends by attending classes, seminars and discussions with industry professionals.

Originally from Montana, and having resided in Seattle, Monique spends her free time watching movies, hiking and drawing. She has one pet cat by the name of Mr. Smith.

Clients are encouraged to ask her to tell a joke or two as she has a past as a stand-up comedian where she travelled and competed in festivals and hosted shows. She considers herself still well connected in the industry and isn't against sharing her contacts with aspiring comedians.

You can e-mail her at moniquederry@hotmail.com

Elia Garcia | Stylist | Orange

Elia Garcia has been a licensed cosmetologist for 33 years, with 32 of those years in hair replacement. She is most enthusiastic about clients who come in looking for a new look, and finding that new look through her expertise. Elia Garcia is passionate about her job. Within the company she could be considered to have the most amount of memorable moments with clients, so many that she and her colleagues agree that she should write a book. Garcia is one of the most prepared stylists that HairArt has, readying herself for the day by looking at the scheduling booklet and acquainting herself with clients before they arrive, usually over a cup of coffee.

A native of Mexico, Garcia is a dog lover and often finds herself at home playing hymns on her keyboard. She is a vintage doll collector and enjoys home improvement projects.

Martina Medina | Stylist | Orange

Martina Medina has worked in hair replacement for 28 years and has an uplifting personality that helps clients to look and feel their best. She is a great sounding block for emotional, health and hair problems. She likes connecting with clients and says that having the opportunity to share her insights with clientele is a wonderful experience. Medina stresses the importance of a client’s willingness to look their best, emphasizing that coming into the salon is the first step but the entire package should include regular upkeep and maintenance of their hair units.

Medina is originally from Nayarit Mexico. In her free time she enjoys gardening and taking care of her pets, including three dogs. Medina has two kids and five grandsons that she regularly spends time with. She likes company and enjoys her house to be filled with family.
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